Retrospective: Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture, Pots, and Bonsai

Michael Hagedorn

For a year I’ve been dreaming about assembling my past artwork in a timeline. Almost everything I had needed to be digitized from slides and prints, the earliest from 35 years ago. Going through the big boxes of images took longer than expected, as I would drift into reverie over times long forgotten.

I enjoyed seeing the bonsai evolution here. For 15years they remained unsophisticated and undeveloped. Then in the span of two years that changed.

There’s a LOT of images in this post, edited ferociously to just a few examples per creative period. It was a hoot to put together, and I hope you enjoy it ~

Left, birding in the Everglades, FL at age 11; right, at my drawing table in Ithaca, NY, age 20. By age 10 I had an art mentor, and at the time I was heavily into birding, so I drew a lot…

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