Pruning Young Chojubai in Summer ~

Michael Hagedorn

The last post was about energy balancing older shrubs, using a Chojubai as our example. Here is a younger Chojubai, in a large training container, and to balance it requires a different approach.

Early summer is a good time to cut extensions back on developing Chojubai. If vigorous you can cut them twice, once in the growing season and once in the fall. But Chojubai may weaken if cut more than twice too many years in a row.

Normally a Chojubai, like many other plants, will grow out from the last bud. A few shoots will arise from further back down the branch, creating ramification, but generally we can only rely on that last bud extending into a shoot. Directionality then becomes key for this cut and grow technique.


Chojubai in training, 9 years old from a 2″ / 5cm cutting. Pruning is half complete with the left side yet…

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