Another poor northern ficus gets the Adamaskwhy treatment

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It doesn’t look good for this tree, as you might be thinking if you’ve read my blog with any regularity.

It needs some drama….

Let’s spin it around a bit, take in the whole tree…

Hmmmnn. Where to go? It’s in an older pot. Korean I think.


The tree belongs to Evan, up in Cincinnati. He inherited it from his first teacher, Richard. It’s been in training for many many years.

I think a change is in order.

But, before I continue, let me show you what this tree looked like in the early 90’s

Interesting that, even in Ohio, the trunk got bigger Here are some more pics of the tree early in development as well as pics with both John Naka and Ben Oki with the original owner, Evan’s teacher, Richard Strauss.

Interesting. That’s the same pot. Goes to show that a ficus WILL get bigger in…

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