Hawthorn update

Nebari Bonsai

Over the winter, I pruned and wired out nearly every branch on the hawthorn, working to refine the secondary branch structure and begin adding on to the tertiary branches. A few weeks after the first pruning, here is a good shot of the tree in the sunshine:

I had a hypothesis that certain fungicides inhibited growth in this hawthorn, and made a decision to withhold them this year until the tree had grown out strong. Interestingly, growth was very strong this year, but so was the fungal growth. So from this point forward, it will receive fungicide treatments to try to contain the cedar-Apple rust.

The bark shed considerably more this year, which to me, is a sign of strong growth.

So, a few weeks after the first pruning back this spring, the wires had tightened enough that it was time to remove them.

Wires removed:

After all wires removed:

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