Oh no!

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Here’s a cool tree, a cascading willow leaf ficus, originally a root cutting, literally the root from another bigger tree cut off so it fits into the pot, then the tree puts out new growth from the cut off root end. Don’t waste those roots!

It needs some TLC. The wire is cutting in pretty strongly, and it’s putting out new growth. Time to work it!

So what’s a guy (or gal) to do?

Well, first, take the wire off. I prefer to unwind (maybe an adult beverage, some smooth jazz, a nice breeze, after a hard day in the nursery) it. I teach unwinding to remove wire as opposed to cutting it off as it teaches you to have respect for the fragility of the branches and gives your hands “muscle memory”, because removing wire is much like putting it on. Also, this is aluminum, not copper. Copper…

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