Maintenance: two F. Microcarpa, and a willow leaf ficus

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Sorry it’s been a while, my life has been occupied by a whole bunch of traveling, client work, private sessions, studygroups, and the recent Bonsai Societies of Florida annual convention (Look for a recap and the pictures from the exhibit over on The Florida Bonsai Magazine page, next month) of which I was the Co-Chair. The headliners were Jennifer Price, Martha Goff, and Lourdes Arnaez. Three amazing ladies in what we believe was the first all-female lead major convention in the USA. An historic occasion.

Later this month I’m making a tour of Ohio, which was postponed last year, so I needed to get some work in before I go. Here’s three trees from that work. And the mess:

First tree. It’s satisfying to work on a piece over a few years, like this willow leaf fig (ficus salicaria) from an Orlando client, Susan. Shaping it and seeing it develop.

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