Summer work on a shohin Crapapple

Nebari Bonsai

I wired this little crab in April as the new growth was emerging. It’s branches thicken up pretty quickly, and become stubborn, so wiring green shoots is the best way to ensure some movement. April 9:

Just under 7 weeks later, the wire was just starting to cut in:

Wires removed:

The tree has 4 apples growing this year, the first time fruit has set since I bought it back in 2016 or ‘17.

I also pruned it back to a nicer shape, but didn’t want to go hard enough on it that the fruits may fail…we shall see if I accomplished that objective.

If the tree continues to grow, it will be cut back to 1-2 nodes throughout the rest of the growing season. The result should be primary branches with 2-3 bifurcations, each with their own tertiary branches. and with the present height at 7 1/4” tall, I…

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