Big Work on a Privet

Bonsai Iterate

This privet was a landscape plant on my property until I removed it from the garden in 2015. Since then I have gradually selected from and reduced nine trunks to three, and reduced the root system to fit in an appropriately sized pot — if not a refined looking one.

Vicary privet, March 2021

Allowed to grow freely for most of last season, this (above) is how it looked in early March, still holing last year’s leaves. The dark green and sometimes purple cast of the leaves is it’s winter color. In spring the leaves are a bright yellow-green which is why I suspect this is a Vicary golden privet, Ligustrum x vicaryi.

Purple color of winter leaves.

The first step of many this spring was to remove the old leaves.

Leave removed.

With leaves removed, I could see what I was working with and apply wire without interference…

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