Birding in the Karoo: 3 – 9 May 2021

Hermanus Bird Club

While most Bird Club members were doing the doggy-paddle around a watery Hermanus during the first week of May, Margie and I were walking through the very dry Karoo bossies in the Karoo National Park.

The Park is not in the happiest of spaces at the moment: Many of the thorn trees are dead, and the plateau at the top of Klipspringer Pass is suffering from a lot of erosion. The dam at the bird hide in the camp is overgrown by reeds and there is no birding to be done there. Birds were a bit scarce (as I guess was to be expected), and apart from the Bokmakierie calling non-stop, there were not too many bird calls to practice our skills on.

BUT: We loved being there, and had a splendid time. Mornings and nights are becoming nice and crisp, and we had some magnificent clouds soaring by −…

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