A lot can happen in 5 Years

Nebari Bonsai

Looking at this night shot, I was struck by the quantity of ramification developed over the last few years. Often when we look at trees, it’s easy to forget how far they’ve come over time. It can be valuable to look back to see how trees have improved…or digressed over the last few years. It helps reflect back on pruning techniques, mistakes, “should’ves”, and good calls.

First, an overlay of the same group of trees, 5 years earlier…2016.

Chinese Quince, lots of pruning and multiple rounds of wiring has resulted in a denser and quiet canopy.

Ume, not known for developing fine ramification, has also grown a nice, twiggy top

Hawthorn. This 5-year span is not as impressive because in 2016 it was still growing out after significant work in 2014, reducing several primary trunks. The recent shot is a bit messy but the work this year was to restore…

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