Bud pinching Japanese Maples

Originally posted on Nebari Bonsai:
In the spring, with healthy Japanese maples, bud-pinching is a common technique to keep internodes short on refined trees. It is a simple procedure, and needs to be performed about daily as Japanese maples are waking up in the spring. The earlier you can identify the 2nd node and remove it, the shorter the internode will remain. In this example,… Continue reading Bud pinching Japanese Maples

Swartrivier Road and Gabrielskloof Outing

Originally posted on Hermanus Bird Club:
There were 14 members on this morning’s outing to Gabrielskloof, the first such event for a long time! We traversed the Swartrivier road before meeting at Gabrielskloof, where the owner, Bernard Heyns, met us and made us welcome. The highlight of this road was a pair of Secretarybirds, stalking prey quite close to the road! Our route around the… Continue reading Swartrivier Road and Gabrielskloof Outing