Hawthorn winter pruning and wiring

Nebari Bonsai

This hawthorn has grown rather slowly over the last few years, and I attribute it (right or wrong) to my increased use of fungicides. Regardless, over the last few years, I have let it mostly grow, and now it’s time to sort out what it’s done.

The tree has a tendency to throw upward- and downward-growing shoots at junctions. It makes the tree look more ramified than maybe it is, but time to clean it up.

Fall and winter shots to start:


In late January, I applied a copious application of dormant oil to all the trees. In February, the buds were already turning red, so it was time to get the work going. Overall, I want to broaden the canopy, and allow it to become rounder, where now it is a bit spade-shaped.

This tree is very different from left to right. The left side is quite well…

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