The Next Decade of Mirai

Mirai by definition is an ever-evolving future. A future we continue to mold as we create, educate, and curate the next generation of bonsai. Over the years, you have bolstered our growth, bringing us into our second iteration of bonsai as the great unifier of culture, nature, and the individual. “An ecosystem is cultivated slowly, the same as a brand, and a company.”  After 10 years of cultivation, Mirai launches into its second decade with this new year, with ambitions set on achieving what was previously unattainable. The ending to our decade may have felt distanced and full of strife, yet our community held strong throughout, providing an outlet of inspiration and drive to keep us all moving forward. Thank you, from base to tip, you have supported our growth.  
Read more into our history over the past decade in our “Evolution of Mirai” blog post. Read more  

On one of my trips to Oregon, as I was gearing up to return to the States from Japan, Randy Knight mentioned he’d found a property that I might be interested in. 
We walked up to this beautiful, secluded hillside…I knew this was where Mirai needed to be. A quaint, yet dilapidated cabin stood on at the top of the hill. To the right stood a red, makeshift barn. Proud stands of Doug-fir and cedar hugged the 5-acre property line. A few rhododendrons dotted the landscape, but for the most part, it was a bare, grassy knoll. I immediately knew there was something special about this place.”
The Next Decade of Mirai

The next decade will be a time to uncover what has never been done in bonsai before. Between every livestream, email, and Q+A session, a dedicated team here at Mirai works to build out the next level of bonsai education. Accessibility, ease, and sustainable growth are all within our grasp. The Mirai community flourishes as an ecosystem where education and inspiration meet, and where art and science converge. We look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year. Your continued support is the strong base from which we have been able to leaf out. 
 Make sure to check the homepage to see our upcoming live event calendar in order to hit the ground running with your bonsai education in 2021.Mirai Live
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