Local human threat to caracal and other wildlife.

Today we are highlighting the local human threat to #caracal and other #wildlife, and we want to ask for your help 🆘 by getting eyes 👁️ on the ground while you are out hiking 🥾 and please, share this post! See below for what to look for, but you can send any snare reports to the Urban Caracal Project phone via text/whatsapp/call: 079-837-8814. We need location details to report to SANParks so they can send rangers to patrol the area.Poachers are primarily using snares to capture wildlife for bushmeat or medicinal purposes. As a result, our beautiful wild animals are being killed, including three caracals that we know of. Two more caracals were successfully rescued from poachers traps. The Urban Caracal Project has recently become involved in removing snares in conjunction with SANParks and the Sanparks Honorary Rangers. Snares are often found within the park but close to residential areas including in #FishHoek, #kommetjie, the #Noordhoek wetlands and sports field area, and even recently, off Tafelberg road in Front Table. But these are only the places where they’ve been detected. Recently, in a single outing, #SANParks rangers recovered more than 40 snares from the Noordhoek wetlands just in the area between Lake Michelle and Masiphumelele! Materials used vary, but include electrical wire, nylon rope, fishing lines- anything that can be used to create a noose and catch animals. The snares are placed on game trails, and may be on the ground itself to catch animals around a foot, paw, or leg, 🐾 or elevated to catch animals around the neck. Snares may also be placed on tree branches 🌳 to catch dassies. Often there may be sticks or leafy vegetation 🌿 used to guide the animals into the snare, or to help prop up or disguise the snare. See pics for what to look for.If you find a live wild animal caught in a snare, immediately contact the CoGH SPCA on 021 700 4158/9 (o/h) or 083 326 1604 (a/h). But please visit our new web page for more information and pictures of snares. There we will also post information about how to get involved more actively, so stay tuned. http://www.urbancaracal.org/snare-aware#everycaracalcounts#ConserveCapeCaracals#tablemountain#capetown#kommetjie#simonstown#campsbay#capetownetc#capetownmag#urbanwildlife#urbancaracal#houtbay+3

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