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Learn more about Canada’s wild birds
Common Redpolls Photo: Phil Colwill  Keep entertained while snug at home this winter – join Project FeederWatch!Watching feeder birds is a fun way to learn about birds and beat isolation and stress. When you volunteer for Project FeederWatch, you also contribute to something larger by helping us all learn more about bird populations. Find out more.

Black-capped Chickadee Photo: Julie ClementImportant updates on the Christmas Bird Count and CBC4KidsAs CBC season approaches, our team at Birds Canada continues to have your health and safety at top of mind. We have connected with CBC compilers and CBC4Kids organizers, and offer our current outlook on the season. See the updates.

Northern Saw-whet Owl Photo: Judith Blakeley  Nocturnal Owl Survey in the Atlantic region: already 20 years of data!Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who have been adding to our knowledge of owls in the Atlantic region for two decades. Our scientists have summarized the results of your efforts in New Brunswick in a new report. See some highlights!

  Photo: Ellen Jakubowski  Setting our course for the future

Want to know where Birds Canada is heading next in our mission to conserve birds? In September, we welcomed three new Board members and held a virtual Annual Members’ Meeting giving a special glimpse into our future. Learn more.

Western Sandpipers Photo: Jason Puddifoot
Speak up now – protect the Fraser Estuary for birds we loveBC’s Fraser River Estuary offers essential habitats for birds and a dazzling spectacle for birders, but it won’t stay that way unless we protect it. The Estuary is under threat and we are asking you – bird lovers across Canada – to speak up now. Support the Estuary
Eastern Kingbird Photo: Scott Leslie

Calling all Ontario birders! Registration for Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas-3 is open.Volunteers are needed to survey breeding birds in Ontario starting spring of 2021. This is a rewarding way to improve your birding abilities while contributing to a resource used for conservation planning, habitat protection, and more. More on the atlas.

Partnership in action: Helping cats and birds live safer in BC
Stewardship Centre for BC and Birds Canada have partnered to reduce the number of bird deaths resulting from cats being allowed to roam outside. Together, we are promoting the wellbeing of both cats and birds. Discover the projects and how to get involved.

Leach’s Storm-Petrel Photo: Laura Tranquilla  

Apply Now for Baillie Fund Grants
Birds Canada is now accepting applications to the James L. Baillie Memorial Fund for the 2021 grant cycle. A portion of the money raised through our annual Great Canadian Birdathon is allocated to the Fund to provide grants to individuals or groups for activities that further bird research and conservation. Projects must be conducted in Canada, or on Canadian breeding birds on their wintering grounds or along their migratory pathways. There are three granting programs, each with a different application and review process: Regular Grant applications are due December 15, 2020; Small Grant applications are due January 15, 2021; and Student Award applications, administered by the Society of Canadian Ornithologists, are due February 15, 2021. For more information about the Baillie Fund and how to apply, please visit our website.  Featured VideoVolunteers across North America contribute to bird research by watching their feeder birds from November to April with Project FeederWatch. It’s a fun winter activity you can enjoy from home – it’s easy, and it helps birds! 
Learn more in our Project FeederWatch video.

Events & Opportunities5 November 2020. Are you new to bird feeding and bird watching? Want to learn more feeder birds? Join this online beginner ID workshop with Birds Canada’s Project FeederWatch leader Kerrie Wilcox and Urban Bird Coordinator Andrés Jiménez. The workshop begins at 7 p.m. Eastern. Sign up here.Latest Research Publications de Zwaan, D.R., Drake, A., Greenwood, J.L., et al. 2020. Timing and Intensity of Weather Events Shape Nestling Development Strategies in Three Alpine Breeding SongbirdsFrontiers in Ecology and Evolution.Raybuck, D.W., Larkin, J.L., Stoleson, S.H., et al. 2020. Radio-tracking reveals insight into survival and dynamic habitat selection of fledgling Cerulean WarblersThe Condor.Stewart, L.N., Tozer, D.C., McManus, J.M., et al. 2020. Integrating wetland bird point count data from humans and acoustic recordersAvian Conservation and Ecology. GIVE TO BIRD CONSERVATION

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