The Birding Life – Newsletter 18 October 2020

White-chinned Petrel | Hugo VoigtsRECURRING COLOURSThis last Saturday on an overcast, grey and windy day, I managed to get two lifers in the Zululand area. They were firstly Grey-rumped Swallow at Mpempe Pan, and then Grey Penduline Tit near Muzi Pans, just outside Mkhuze Game Reserve.

This got me thinking. On a grey day I got two lifers starting with the colour grey.  I wondered how many times I had got lifers that had the same colour in their name sequentially on my lifelist. The answer was six times in fact.
Lifer 45 and 46 was Blacksmith Lapwing and Black-collared Barbet. Lifer 77 and 78 were Black-winged Kite and Black-headed Heron. Lifer 289 and 290 were Red-billed Quelea and Red-faced Mousebird. Lifer 316 and 317 were Orange-breasted Waxbill and Orange Ground Thrush. Lifer 501 and 502 were Red-headed Finch and Red-chested Flufftail, and lastly lifer 512 and 513 were the two grey ones mentioned previously.

What I would love to know is if anyone of you has sequences of three or more of the same colour in in your lifelist. Who holds the record? I know this is a pretty arbitrary record for someone to hold, but there are lists and records for everything these days, so why not this? This could be expanded to look for people who have the longest sequence of lifers starting with African or Cape.

These lists could obviously be affected by the usual suspects of splits, lumps and name changes. If you think you might hold the record, please get in contact with us, as we would love to know.

Tyron Dall
tyron@thebirdinglife.comSouthern African Birding Diary & NewsCumberland Nature Reserve – Birding Weekend with Bird Diversity Consultants  24-25 October 2020 – Join World renowned bird guides David Hoddinott, Andre Bernon, Doug McCulloch and Glen Valentine from Rockjumper Birding Tours for 2 full days of birding at Cumberland. With over 280 bird species recorded on the reserve, this promises to be an exciting weekend. Contact us on for costs, accommodation specials and booking info.

If you are a bird club, conservation organization, or just someone with an interesting story that you think would interest the birding world, please send us an email or give us a call and we will look to give you some coverage.CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE GROUND HORNBILL PROJECTTHIS WEEK ON THE BIRDING LIFE We are excited to announce an all new podcast on The Birding Life Platform – a bi-weekly Youth Birding Podcast hosted by Chris Flannery. His first guest was Daniel Engelbrecht, the 18 year old birding extraordinaire from Limpopo. Daniel has been ‘tearing up’ the Birdlasser Spring Fling Challenge and it was great to hear about his birding journey.

To listen to this as well as previous episodes head on over to The Birding Life’s Youth Podcast Page on our website

In this week’s episode of The Birding Life Podcast, we had a chat to well known KZN snake rescuer Nick Evans. Some may ask why we got a snake guy on a birding podcast? Well, the thing is birders often go into areas where they may come across snakes. In this episode Nick gives practical advice on how to bird in areas where snakes are around and what do in emergency situations. This is a great episode with lots of great information that clears many misconceptions around these misunderstood reptiles.

To listen to this as well as previous episodes head on over to The Birding Life’s Podcast Page on our website to find all the relevant links.

The YouTube channel channel was a little quieter this week, Adam Cruickshank kicked off a new feature called ‘Stories from the Field’ where he shared a story of how he eventually got to see one of his bogey birds.

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The blog section of the website was active over the the week. We started with an article on the Marakele National Park by Chris PattonCalvin Harris continued with his series on the free apps that are available to birders by taking a look at the Merlin App. Tyron Dall shared part one of a series of three articles on his recent Zululand trip. This series will provide some great information on the special birds that can be seen at the places that he visited. 

These articles and lots more are found out The Birding Life’s Blog Page.

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Thanks for all support, and until next time…Be blessed and happy birding!

Yours in birding
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