Monday birding with Learn-the-Birds.

October 19th 2020 We would like to thank you all for your support of Learn-the-Birds, and in particular we would like to thank those who have made contributions to keeping our free webinars going, as well as those who have supported our masterclasses. We hope you will enjoy this  weekly newsletter, which we have now called “Monday birding with Learn-the-Birds”, which is meant to keep … Continue reading Monday birding with Learn-the-Birds.

Birdlife South Africa E-Newsletter October 2020

Flock 2021 and more. IN THIS ISSUE  October 2020BBD 2020 – register now!  •  Flocking in 2021  •  30 episodes and counting…  •  2021 Calendar  •  Birding in Kruger  •  Conservation League Donor competition  •  KBAs and effective conservation  •  Conserving White-winged Flufftails  •  Where do penguins go?  •  Attention magazine subscribers  •  Lead and vultures  •  Specially for birders…  •  Birds connect our world  •  Keeping Black Harriers safe  •  Southern Ground-Hornbills BBD 2020 – register … Continue reading Birdlife South Africa E-Newsletter October 2020