Birdlife South Africa E-Newsletter October 2020

Flock 2021 and more.
IN THIS ISSUE  October 2020BBD 2020 – register now!  •  Flocking in 2021  •  30 episodes and counting…  •  2021 Calendar  •  Birding in Kruger  •  Conservation League Donor competition  •  KBAs and effective conservation  •  Conserving White-winged Flufftails  •  Where do penguins go?  •  Attention magazine subscribers  •  Lead and vultures  •  Specially for birders…  •  Birds connect our world  •  Keeping Black Harriers safe  •  Southern Ground-Hornbills
BBD 2020 – register now!Birding Big Day 2020 will go ahead on 28 November, so why not join hundreds of other birders in a wonderful day of birding? 
READ MORE2021 calendarThe 2021 Birds of Southern Africa calendars have arrived – and they’re beautiful!
READ MOREConservation League Donor competitionThe lucky winner of a stunning pair of binoculars is…
READ MOREKBAs and effective conservationAs Key Biodiversity Areas are identified and safeguarded to protect the biodiversity within them, they become a blueprint for effective conservation.
READ MOREWhere do penguins go?Continuing a long-term study, Tegan Carpenter-Kling deployed GPS loggers on 10 non-breeding African Penguins on Dassen Island last month. The resulting data will be crucial to informing where marine protected areas are best positioned and other conservation strategies for this endangered species.
READ MORELead and vulturesSouth Africa’s vultures are exposed to lead poisoning when they feed on the carcasses of animals shot with lead ammunition. BirdLife South Africa’s lead project is now exploring the physiological impact of lead poisoning on Cape and White-backed vulture chicks.
READ MOREBirds connect our worldOn 10 October, World Migratory Bird Day, we celebrated birds’ ability to make incredible journeys from one part of the world to another, often covering thousands of kilometres.
READ MORESouthern Ground-HornbillInformation about the 2020 Bird of the Year, the Southern Ground-Hornbill, is available on the BirdLife South Africa website – and it’s free!
READ MOREFlocking in 2021Flock to Wilderness is scheduled for 27–29 May 2021 and will feature a Learn About Birds (LAB) conference. Be sure to save the date!
READ MORE30 episodes and counting…Even as lockdown winds down, our weekly Conservation Conversation webinars continue to keep our followers entertained. Tune in on Tuesdays to join. 
READ MOREBirding in KrugerEnjoy a birding weekend in Kruger National Park, with dawn and dusk drives guided by birding experts.
READ MOREConserving White-winged Flufftails and wetlandsBirdLife South Africa recently met with three government departments to discuss how important it is to protect the White-winged Flufftail and its wetland habitat.
READ MOREAttention magazine subscribersWe know that African Birdlife magazines sent via the SA Post Office may not be reaching subscribers and want to change the delivery method, but we need your help.
READ MORESpecially for birders…BirdLife South Africa’s Birder Friendly Establishments and Tour Operators enjoy the benefits of advertising twice a year in our monthly newsletters. This month it’s the turn of Sustain Safaris.
READ MOREKeeping Black Harriers safeOn discovering that the Black Harrier is a potential casualty of wind turbines, BirdLife South Africa has put together guidelines for minimising that risk, with assistance from experts on the species.
DONATE >> Help BirdLife South Africa conserve its country’s birds and their habitats.

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