Muizenberg beach huts to get new lease on life

Good news for my home town.

Published by Lucinda Dordley on October 16, 2020 203The iconic colourful huts at Muizenberg Beach have had a tough 2020 – much like everyone else. For years, they have appeared on all major marketing campaigns that attracts both tourists and South Africans to Cape Town, and after looking dilapidated, they will now be revived and have a new lease on life.A local by the name of Angela Gorman took it upon herself to start a social media initiative to help restore the world-famous beach huts to their former glory. She started the “Save Our Beach Huts” initiative, and has been joined by other caring Capetonians in her efforts to ensure the huts are beautiful once again.The official Facebook page for the initiative announced that they will officially commence on restoration work for the huts.“So excited to announce that we will be starting the renovation of the first of the 31 Muizenberg Beach Huts on Monday 2nd November (weather permitting). Grateful thanks to all those who have donated their time, expertise and their products to make this all happen!,” Save Our Beach Huts said. “Thanks to Everite, Twin Coatings, Burgert de Jager, Leith Roofing, Gary Holliday, Linda Smit, Victoria Coombes.”

Phase one of Gorman’s plan aims at repairing and painting the first 25 huts up to the Lifesaver’s Tower.Picture: Pixabay

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