5 Bonsai Trees for Your Office Desk

Air pollution is killing all of us slowly and it has become a necessity to surround ourselves with oxygen generating plants a.k.a air purifying plants. Bonsai Plants not only add beauty to your home / office decor but also act as a great natural air purifier. Bonsai plants treat toxic chemicals like Toluene and Formaldehyde present in the air and make the air breathable. Where to buy bonsai … Continue reading 5 Bonsai Trees for Your Office Desk

Another epic migration-watch

16h ago I raised the bar today and left home before 5 AM to have a full morning migration-watch at yesterday’s spot. I ended up birding for 9 hours and 15 minutes and it was epic, especially in the morning. I arrived at the watching spot still in complete darkness with conditions perfect for stargazing. Tawny Owls were calling from the surrounding woods and as dawn started … Continue reading Another epic migration-watch