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It’s night in the Nook. Again. Seems like it happens at least once a day…..

This means it’s time to work. I don’t know why, but I do some of my best work at night.

I’d work until 2 am if I could, but most days I need to be up early. And the wife doesn’t sleep well when I’m away. She’s a snuggle bunny.

On my first trip to New Orleans, for the Greater New Orleans Bonsai Society, I was astounded that the workshop day started at 8 am, in a city known for its nightlife. It was tough waking up for that class, I’ll tell you what.

And it’s tough waking up to take care of the kids and online classes. I drag my ass every morning and push through with caffeine and willpower. I’ll be tired most of the day, until the sun hits the western horizon…

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