Strut Your Stuff

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Great Blue Heron, Blue Mash Nature Trail, Gaithersburg, MD

As a birding newbie & very beginner bird photographer, great blue heron (GBH) are a lot of fun to watch and photograph. They are large, easy to find, exotic looking, and can put on quite a good show!

Some rules have been broken here… If you want to be a good bird photographer, you don’t really want to take a bunch of pictures of the back of a bird. But in this case, I wanted to show you this GBH strutting his stuff, showing off his great size and plumage. I think he wanted everyone to notice him and take lots of photos of his awesomeness and that’s exactly what I did!

He just went on, and on, and on, strutting around and showing off. Do you know any humans like this GBH? Ever seen someone who loves to show off…

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