The Amazing Biedouw Valley in Spring

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We left Hermanus on Wednesday morning, intending to take the direct route via Wuppertal to the Biebouw Valley, but the weather was foul, with a very strong north-wester blowing, so we ended up driving straight to Clanwilliam instead. The overcast conditions would have meant that any flowers would have remained closed. It was a wise decision as the weather never let… Continue reading The Amazing Biedouw Valley in Spring

~Friday’s Feathered Friends

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Our weather has been hot. And, with the fires in the area, it has been miserable for the birds. Western Scrub-Jay ? On a more positive note, the Hummingbirds have been handing around to “fuel up” for their southern migration. Female Broad-tailed Humer ? Female House Finch I sure hope we get some clear skies and cooler weather soon.… Continue reading ~Friday’s Feathered Friends

Some Papkuilsfontein Spring Flowers

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Apart from the myriads of Namaqualand daisies that cover the fields at Papkuilsfontein in Spring, there are many other species of flowering plants. Of course, the area is also noted for its spectacular displays of Brunsvigias, but that would require an Autumn visit. I am no botanist, so please bear with me if there are some errors in the naming of… Continue reading Some Papkuilsfontein Spring Flowers

Papkuilsfontein – A veritable Garden on the Bokkeveld Plateau

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For those of you who don’t know it, Papkuilsfontein is a farm 25km south of Nieuwoudtville, and it is endowed with more of the most wonderful spring flowers anyone could ever wish to see. We have visited there on many occasions, but none were better then our two day stay last week, when we were housed in the beautiful De Hoop… Continue reading Papkuilsfontein – A veritable Garden on the Bokkeveld Plateau

Flowers of the Biedouw Valley area

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Whilst the fields of massed daisies are the most spectacular sights in the area, the individual flowers are wonderful as well and one is amazed at the colourful variety. Naming them is another problem and we spent much time poring over our reference books. Pelargomium magentum Ursinia cakilefolia Nemesia cheiranthus Lapeirousia divaricata and Ursinia Heliophila arenaria Moraea miniata Alonsoa unilabiata Heliophila… Continue reading Flowers of the Biedouw Valley area