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shorebird splendor

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A brilliant flash of vibrant feathers arrayed in improbable color combinations. A clear, beautiful melody. It should come as no surprise that songbirds tend to be most birders’ first attraction. Big and powerful, swift, silent, and deadly, raptors likewise engender fascination. Some birding enthusiasts obsess over obscure species. We distinctly recall how excited one birder we encountered in Namibia became when D told him he had seen a Burchell’s sandgrouse on a safari drive. “Any day you see a sandgrouse is a great day,” he had remarked after grilling us on the bird’s whereabouts.

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Boreal B[l]og

We pulled up to the empty campsite on Knife Lake, just east of the Eddy Lake portage, and I hopped out of the canoe to check it. Mark and I were doing a sweep of the District during a week’s time, checking permits, people, campsites, picking up litter, digging new latrines and covering old ones, but mostly taking a long canoe trip and being paid for it. Earlier that day, we came upon a group of seven young women and an older man leading the trip. Mark said to the guy, “I want your job.” When the guy heard what we were doing, he said, “I want yours.”

I saw something on the site that I still vividly remember, nearly three decades later: a fire was burning well outside the fire grate, the flames high, fed by the wind, and about to reach the grassy area nearby. Fire inside the…

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Recent Birds I’ve Seen…

Birder's News

Yesterday I went kayaking. It finally wasn’t too hot, so I went out to enjoy the lake!

There was some green algae on the lake still (it had covered most of the lake for the past few months), but a lot of the lake is clear now…

Here are some of the birds that I saw.

There had to be about a dozen Great Egrets. They were spaced out along the shore looking for food.

Here is the Great Blue Heron, there were over a dozen of these around the lake. I would see them up ahead of me while I was kayaking, then when I got a bit closer they would slowly fly off away from me only to have to move again as I continued down the lake…

Of course there were a few Canada Geese, but not as many as I had seen around recently. I’ve seen…

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3 Species of Birds and a Starfish…

Birder's News

Here are a few more photos from my visit to the state park near the ocean. 🙂

I was really happy to get to the ocean, I enjoy walking along the water’s edge and seeing what birds are around.

This bird was in the inlet pond…


The Great Egret. This is a large bird, about 40 inches tall with over a 4 foot wing span!


These are White Ibises. They’re easily identified, big white birds with large reddish curved bill.


This is the Belted Kingfisher. It can be found throughout all of Canada and the US. I often hear them first when they are flying around over the lake giving their loud rattling call. 

They will forage by sitting along the water’s edge on a branch, rock, post or sometimes even hovering just above the water and then plunging headfirst into the water for a fish.


As I walked along…

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