shorebird splendor

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A brilliant flash of vibrant feathers arrayed in improbable color combinations. A clear, beautiful melody. It should come as no surprise that songbirds tend to be most birders’ first attraction. Big and powerful, swift, silent, and deadly, raptors likewise engender fascination. Some birding enthusiasts obsess over obscure species. We distinctly recall how excited one birder we encountered in… Continue reading shorebird splendor


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We pulled up to the empty campsite on Knife Lake, just east of the Eddy Lake portage, and I hopped? out of the canoe to check it.? Mark and I were doing a sweep of the District during a week’s time, checking permits, people, campsites, picking up litter, digging new latrines and covering old ones, but mostly taking… Continue reading CAMPFIRE STORIES, FEATURING…THE FIRE