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This is a post for my Dwarf Jade Bonsai BootCamp members (and everyone else too. Which, if you’re interested, it’s available from The Bonsai Supply). The reason I’m writing it is so you all don’t feel like I’m picking on you when I make you practice this type of tough love on your trees, that I’m about to inflict upon on my own tree.

See? I’m not just a sadist, but also a masochist…..

The tree was a gift from a lady (Mrs. Campbell) who was moving to San Fransisco and couldn’t take her trees with her. California is notorious for not allowing any vegetable matter, even just an apple (!) into the state. She grew it from a cutting (so keep the faith!).

It has a wonderful root structure. Not necessarily classic bonsai, but I like it.

We had a big storm the other day and it got…

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