Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Preserve

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Early morning birding today at a new brand new area for me. I saw on Ebird “explore” that this area has been reporting a plethora of action the past few weeks so I decided to check it out. Best thing about it is easy parking and the fact that it’s only about twenty minutes away! I have been trying to improve… Continue reading Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Preserve

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

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American White Pelican The Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve is obviously a must stop for all birders in Southern California. This morning was my first visit to the reserve and it will certainly not be my last. I identified 21 species and there were plenty more around as well. The low-tide in the early morning made for lots of activity from all… Continue reading Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

Panama 2019 – Photos That Didn’t Make the Cut

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This post is inspired by WC’s good friend Ron Dudley, a bird photographer who is a couple of light years better than WC. Ron observed recently that we learn from our mistakes. Here’s a gallery of photos that WC rejected because, in one way or another, WC erred in executing the photo. Trust WC when he says that these… Continue reading Panama 2019 – Photos That Didn’t Make the Cut

Return of Bird of the Week: White-eared Puffbird

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Remember WC cautioned readers that some of the Puffbird photos were pretty sketchy. Here’s another. White-eared Puffbird, Pantanal, Brazil The White-eared Puffbird is found from eastern Peru and central Brazil south to Paraguay and northeastern Argentina. It prefers the middle levels of jungle forest and the gallery forests of the lowlands. Like other Puffbirds, it still-hunts from mid-level perches in trees and shrubs,… Continue reading Return of Bird of the Week: White-eared Puffbird

Photography of Birds – Set # 126

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Set # 126 Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher They forage actively in trees or shrubs, mainly eating insects, insect eggs and spiders. They may hover over foliage while snatching prey (gleaning), or fly to catch insects in flight (hawking). The tail is often held upright while defending territory or searching for food. Eastern Towhee (Juv.) Eastern Towhee (Juv.)… Continue reading Photography of Birds – Set # 126