Willow Flycatcher

Feathered Focus

Hey guys, welcome back. Flycatchers. They’re a source of frustration amongst birders. To some, sparrows all look the same and warblers can become confusing in fall, but even they all have visual clues that can help. And while many flycatchers can be ID’d by sight, there’s still just as many that typically can’t. In those cases, you need to rely on sound. The willow flycatcher is one of those.

Willow flycatcher. Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve, Cleveland, OH

The willow flycatcher is a small gray flycatcher, usually with a yellowish cast to its belly, and has two whitish wingbars. Visually, they look almost identical to the alder and acadian flycatchers of the east, and the Hammond’s and dusky flycatchers of the west. Found throughout the US, their range overlaps with all the others listed above. So what do you do to ID them? Learn their song. They have a buzzy fitz-bew

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