What on earth…?

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Well now…..hmmmnnnn…. that’s a, uh…thing…

It’s alive too. A living thing.

I think it’s a tiger bark ficus. Or some people call it Golden Gate. Not after the San Francisco’s most famous bridge but after a place in China called the Kinmen Islands. Another name for this ficus is “Kinmen” which means golden gate or, blonde hair, depending on context. If you’re interested in the whole story, it’s in one of Min Hsuan Lo’s books, Bonsai Journey, unfortunately written in Chinese, but perfectly related in the blog “Bonsai, Penjing and more” from Hoe Chuah, a resident of Texas and a much better scholar than myself, read the blog entry here.

Anyhow, somehow I don’t think either Min Hsuan Lo or Hoe Chuah would look twice at this….. thing.

Let’s dig down, like we are looking for buried treasure, and try to untangle the mess.

Wow! It actually has a…

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