Deals and Steals

Bonsai NH

I’ve got some deals, and some outright steals to show you. This haul came from New England Bonsai Garden’s summer sale. I got to meet the owner Ashley, and he and the crew were more than supportive to our blossoming adventure in Bonsai. Here’s what I came home with:

Lets start with a nice little Privet .

It has a second chance!

This tree has clearly gone through a quite difficult time and died back almost to the base. Luckily it hung on and is now thriving. Check out the spectacular bark on this too.

I’m going to try to use this in the tree’s re-birth

It was suggested that a phoenix graft might be a good idea for this tree since it has such good features on its old structure. A phoenix graft in most cases would mean that you carve a groove into a fully dead tree and…

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