Create a Bonsai: Wire Theory and Application

Bonsai NH

So you purchased (or placed) a tree in a pot.. Now what?

Depending on the season of the year, the type of tree, and the health of the tree, the fastest and most satisfying answer may be to put wire on the branches, and to form the branches into the shapes that you are envisioning.

Wired and bent branch

Wire should lay on the branch in a spiraling pattern. Generally, good technique is to shoot for a 45 to 60 degree angle in relation to the direction of the branch. This gives the wire good strength to bend in all directions.

We must plan the application of the wire in a way that we create solid, un-moving start to the wire.

A broken branch (right) makes a great anchor

This “anchor” will allow the branch to bend and not be able to spring back to its original position. This takes…

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