Bonsai NH

There is one up-side to killing your trees in pots.. You now have free pots!

When I moved into the new place, it came with a bunch of spindly little pines sticking up out of the lawn.

There’s still more! Should I chop them?

Since I had free pots, I decided to make a little forest planting in a (way over-sized) pot. I had to mow the lawn at some point, so they were going to be ripped up, chopped off, or otherwise murdered. I was saving them! Unfortunately, I didn’t take any picture of the original planting.

This was mid-July (not good), I didn’t tie them down to the pot (not good), and I barely watered them after (not good). But I was saving them! This was the only potted tree that I had for a few years, and I heavily neglected watering for 2-3 years. I did pinch/cut-back…

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