Quick blog: willow leaf ficus

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“You touch things lightly or deeply; you move along because life herself moves, and you can’t stop it” Jim Harrison

A little willow leaf I put into a training pot last year, and hacked back as is my wont.

I let it grow and GROW it did

Now it’s time for some “direction”.

Which is a euphemism for “hack it back again”.

Here’s a cutting that I think will take, what do you think? Seems to have enough roots already.

When I work on a first styling, I’ll remove what I know won’t work, leaving myself two or three directions. Like below:

Which way to go?

I can use this one shoot as the “apex”…

Or this one….

Bending it up and over….


I think I’ll go this way, a zig instead of a zag…

Can you see it yet?

That’s good taper on what will be the first…

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