Big ficus 89

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Sometimes we just need to question.

What in the hell am I doing? Who do I think I am? Can I even continue what I’m doing? Where can I find peace? When will I be satisfied? How can I learn what I need to learn? (and, of course, for that certain demographic that makes up much of the Bonsai World, “why did I walk into this room?”).

“Why am I even here?” is the biggest question though. It has that one word that tells the story of my life, but too many of my teachers abhorred:


Teachers that can’t handle that question should themselves be questioned.

If my students don’t ask me why, I feel as though I’ve failed them.

Now, for this essay, besides my rambling inner voice, we have this big hunka chunka biggie is a ficus to keep our attention.

It’s a ficus variety that James…

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