Backyard Project

Edward Beems

In fall 2015 we had our first child, Tessa. With her being born on the day we had to move into our new home, what luck! 4 years later her sister Eloise was born. Since we moved in we Realized yard needed an update to better accommodate children! Take a look I will continuously update as the yard progresses. Everything was done by me let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for viewing!







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Entering the world of bonsai

Edward Beems

July 20 2020

As an adolescent I’ve always been intrigued by the art of bonsai. Never did i actually think I would pull the trigger and try it as a hobby. So, today is a big day. Thanks to the amazing work of Bonsai Boy New York I fell in love with one of their Juniper Bonsai Trees (juniper procumbens nana). This is the beginning of that journey as a bonsai artist. Let’s see where this takes us!


Right out the box 📦

First night at home

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Happy Soil Happy Tree

Bonsai Eejit

We all know that getting the right soil mix for our bonsai is important, and the idea of encouraging mycorrhiza is our pots has been around for a while. I found an old Bonsai Mart Catalogue the other day from over 20 years ago with many products relating to soil health. Have a look below.

However in recent years a more targeted approach has been sought as our knowledge of soil science has increased. The relationship between roots, soil, mycorrhiza and bacteria has been studied and now is being applied into agriculture and horticulture with exciting results and gives us the ability to reduce the use of chemicals for fertilisation and pest and disease control.

However, transferring this knowledge over to bonsai isn’t as easy as you’d think with our soil mixes being very different from that of open ground and also the containerisation of out trees adding an extra…

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Bonsai as Anchors

The Thought Garden

A bonsai is simply a tree in a pot. Of course, we all conjure up something more in our mind when we think of a bonsai. Mr. Miyagi carefully pruning. Or a 100 year old tree in some exhibit perhaps. Bonsais feel…unattainable. But, at their core – bonsais are simply a tree in a pot.

Over the course of this pandemic, I have reintroduced myself to the world of bonsai. A world that has always had outsized appeal in my heart. One of my first additions to my apartment when I got a place of my own was a bonsai. And then another. I ended up with 7. One was a beautiful redwood forest that was about 15 years old. They all died the first summer I had them. I had a 12 day trip and the water system I attempted was no match for the southern heat.

I have…

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Shohin Shimpaku summer cleanup

Nebari Bonsai


Foliage cleaned up, undersides and dense areas only:

Soji, cleaning up the soil and adding a fresh top layer to get it through the rest of summer:

Work completed for now.

The pot is by Shinobu, an award-winning Shohin pot maker whose work is regularly featured at the Gafu-ten exhibition each winter in Japan. I think it’s a fantastic fit.

Incidentally, this composition is 5 years along from an air layer.

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