Backyard Project

Originally posted on Edward Beems:
In fall 2015 we had our first child, Tessa. With her being born on the day we had to move into our new home, what luck! 4 years later her sister Eloise was born. Since we moved in we Realized yard needed an update to better accommodate children! Take a look I will continuously update as the yard progresses. Everything… Continue reading Backyard Project

Shohin Shimpaku summer cleanup

Originally posted on Nebari Bonsai:
Before: Foliage cleaned up, undersides and dense areas only: Soji, cleaning up the soil and adding a fresh top layer to get it through the rest of summer: Work completed for now. The pot is by Shinobu, an award-winning Shohin pot maker whose work is regularly featured at the Gafu-ten exhibition each winter in Japan. I think it’s a fantastic… Continue reading Shohin Shimpaku summer cleanup