Photography of Birds – Set # 92

H.J. Ruiz - Avian101

Set # 92

American Goldfinch  (M)

American Goldfinch (M) American Goldfinch (M)

The American goldfinch is gregarious during the non-breeding season, when it is often found in large flocks, usually with other finches. The social hierarchy, measured by how many aggressive encounters are won by each individual, tends towards the male being dominant in the non-breeding season. During the breeding season, this finch lives in loose colonies. While the nest is being constructed, the male will act aggressively toward other males who intrude into his territory, driving them away, and the female reacts in the same way toward other females.

Eastern Towhee   (M)

Eastern Towhee (M) Eastern Towhee (M)

Arrival and departure of eastern towhees into summer breeding grounds varies with location. According to a literature review, eastern towhees typically arrive in New York in early April and leave by the middle of November. A review of eastern towhees in New Hampshire describes arrival in…

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