July 20th- a day of swift days and comet Neowise

Jonathan Pomroy

I stayed up until 3.15 this morning, mesmerised by the night sky. I woke up my 8 year old son who joined me between midnight and 1am. We had fun navigating our way around the night sky. My birding scope was great for seeing the comet, though due to field of view I think binoculars gave a better overall impression. I saw several meteors and we could clearly see the moons of Jupiter and rings round Saturn with the scope. The milky way looked spectacular incorporating two of my favourite constellations, Cygnus and Cassiopeia. It was a joy being out on a chilly July night with fox, little owl and tawny owl providing the sound track. There was always some glow of daylight on the Northern horizon even a month after the summer solstice, but from about 2.30am this was intensified by a beautiful show of noctilucent cloud.

A lie…

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