July 17th- little owl and swift diary

Jonathan Pomroy

Swift Diary

This has been the day many swift watchers have been waiting for. The yearlings are back and performing around colonies. Older non breeding birds are cruising round in pairs looking at potential nest sites. The flying display has been spectacular today. I spent some time sat on the lawn with the watercolours sketching the dramatic aerodynamic shapes they make as they approach the eaves.

There were higher, tight screaming flocks at times, sadly a signal that the end of the swift season is coming. As their time to depart approaches they seem to show increasing desire to fly at high level in social groups, before finally you realise they have gone and the skies are quiet again.

I watched one of our local little owls this morning. It was fluffed up and basking in early morning sunshine. It posed well for fast sketches in pencil and watercolour as…

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