July 15th- swift diary

Jonathan Pomroy

Yesterday evening cooled fast and the swifts were reluctant to put on low level flypasts. They milled around in the cool breezy air with the house martins. We had one very fast flypast at dusk and then the non breeding birds could be seen rising higher into the zenith as the breeders descended to their nest boxes.

Today started dry but still cool. We had a few frantic sessions of swift activity where about five birds frantically flew around the house and sometimes perched on the occupied nest box to look in. Mid morning saw a pair arrive and quietly prospect. They flew circuits slowly, flying up to nest boxes but not perching. They frequently indulged in the wing quivering display flight I have previously described, whilst making the soft piping call they first make to each other when they finally settle in a nest box.

All this activity and…

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