Jonas Dupuich Tells Us About ‘The Little Book of Bonsai’: Guest Post

Michael Hagedorn

By Jonas Dupuich

Some time ago, Michael Hagedorn suggested that he and I swap posts to share the stories of why we wrote our respective books: Bonsai Heresy in Michael’s case, and The Little Book of Bonsai in mine.

Jonas Dupuich and a pine he wired in Japan

I’d known about Michael’s interest in debunking bonsai myths for years, but I didn’t know what shape his book would take until recently.

I, too, had thought about writing a bonsai book for a long time, but didn’t start working on one until 2014.

What made me want to pursue such a project? After writing hundreds of posts on Bonsai Tonight, I didn’t feel like I could offer people who were new to bonsai a clear starting point for keeping their trees healthy. I wanted to change that, so I started writing a basic care guide.

I’d thought my first book would…

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