July 8th- hummingbird hawk-moth, dragonflies and swift diary

Jonathan Pomroy

Great excitement this morning! If I am working I can rely on Tolly to spot wildlife in the garden and rush in to tell me. This morning he spotted a hummingbird hawk-moth visiting the Verbena bonariensis for nectar. We both enjoyed watching it restlessly exploring the flowers for a couple of minutes before it flew directly north.

We had a walk around Ampleforth lower lake this morning. The sun was out for a while prompting lots of dragonfly and damselfly activity. We saw magnificent emperor and brown hawker dragonflies patrolling the edges. The brown hawker is a favourite insect of mine; their wings seem to glow bronze, especially when backlit and seen against a dark background.  Lots of common damselflies were on the wing and we had good binocular views of red-eyed damselflies on floating vegetation. This is a apparently one of the most Northerly populations of this attractive damselfly.

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