Confusions in Green Island and Green Mound Ficus Names

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Green Island and Green Mound are two very popular Ficus microcarpa cultivars for tropical bonsai. Both have thick leaves. Several internet articles show to distinguish them by their leaf shapes.

Green Island Ficus
Ficus microcarpa ‘Green Island’
aka Wax Fig, Panda Ficus, Dollar Ficus
Green Mound Ficus
Ficus microcarpa ‘crassifolia’
aka Long Island, Wax Fig, Panda Ficus, Korea Ficus
Heavy-textured leaves, a little longer than wide, the shape would be described botanically as “orbicular’ with only an obscure tip. Same heavy texture but more than twice as long as wide; widest a little above the midpoint of the blade (i.e., obovate) with a blunt but obviously pointed tip.

So the rounder leave ficus is Green Island and the more elongated leave ficus is Green Mound or sometimes called Long Island. Seems simple enough, but there are problems with…

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