A ficus from a friend

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Here’s a tree that has come back to me. There is a story, but that’s for another blogpost.

This is a simple post about this particular willow leaf ficus and it’s styling.

I had originally traded this tree with my friend for a bunch of trident maples he had grown over CD’s (Here’s a post on that technique).

It has a good base and good taper.

Unfortunately, part of the trunk died.

I should say “fortunately”. I like serendipitous occurrences like that.

It gives the tree character, age, a certain “je ne sais quois” that makes it stand out amongst a thousand other trees just like it.

Now is a good time to be working on it still (late June in Florida). A month ago would have been better but I’ve been ill. So a lot of things have been missed this last month that I had had…

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