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I don’t like raw onions in any dish. I’ll spend fifteen minutes picking them out, letting the rest of my meal grow cold or stale, just so I don’t have to eat them.

I know many people love them, and chefs insist that some dishes, like guacamole or salads, must have them in order for all the flavors to come together in an almost mathematic equation of taste (and there are chefs that cook using a equations).

In fact, I’d say most people do like raw onions; gourmets, gourmands, chefs, critics, all believe that raw onions taste good.

You could say maybe it’s a consensus, even. People like the taste.

Not me. Raw onions are not to my taste, and that’s fine by me.

I’ll cook my food how I wish, I’ll ask the chef for no onions, and, if he wants to get paid, he’ll comply or kick me…

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