This Charming Small Town in Florida Touts the Largest Tropical Bonsai Garden in North America

namaste toronto

Heathcote Botanical Gardens, located in Fort Pierce, Florida, is home to the largest permanent public display of tropical bonsai trees in North America. Here, visitors will be enthralled that such a small, charming coastal town can deliver such a big bonsai statement.

There are 30 different  species of bonsai represented in the 10,000 square foot James J. Smith Bonsai Gallery with more than 100 trees ranging from a Silver Buttonwood bonsai, estimated to be 200 years old, to a unique, twin-trunk Jaboticaba bonsai. All of the bonsai trees are native to the region and have come from the Bahamas, Brazil and Madagascar. The trees are displayed on pedestals made from Florida cap rock that has been quarried from Okeechobee, just 30 minutes inland from Fort Pierce.

For the second year in a row, Heathcote’s Tiger Bark Ficus Bonsai, also known as the Golden Gate Ficus, will be featured at Disney…

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