On our Malheur Field Station birding trip in mid-June we glimpsed brief flashes of flying Sage Thrasher, time and again.   Not one would post or pose when a camera was around.  Only a couple times we heard one sing, far away in the sagebrush, unseen. The final day on our way west, Albert Ryckman and I pulled into Chickahominy.  There on the entrance sign was our singing Sage Thrasher. He sang from the right end of the sign, then moved down and sang from the left end.  In the passenger side nearest the sign I shot some images without moving toward the open window.  The songster was fifteen feet away.  He flew off to the fence, came back, turned his back and continued to sing.   By now Albert was out of the car, getting good shots…of back and shoulder and nape of neck.  The loud, complex melodies poured forth. Please…

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