Shorebirding at Plymouth Beach

Massachusetts Big Year Birding

This afternoon I decided to head down to Plymouth Beach to try and get some shorebirds that I didn’t have this year. Specifically the Red Knot, a small shorebird with a rusty colored head and chest and brownish-gray wings. Another target bird was the Black Skimmer, which has one of the largest bills of any bird in the country.

When I arrived I noticed that the beach was full of people, which unfortunately meant that most of the shorebirds would be feeding in the mudflats instead. I started walking down the sandy road that had a few spots where I could check out the mudflats. When I got down to the water, all I could see were a few Willets and a large mixed flock of gulls foraging for food.

I continued walking for about half a mile before I came across another place where I could see the mudflats…

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