June 23rd- marsh hoverfly, azure blue and swift diary

Jonathan Pomroy

Our new pond is quite simply a joy. Tolly spotted some interesting and beautiful new species today. The first two pond skaters arrived. We enjoyed watching some marsh hoverflies, their larvae develop in water. They bask on leaves close to the water, a beautiful species with bold black and gold markings. But the real show stopper was our first azure damselfly. In fact I was so taken by the beauty of this insect that ignored two low level swift passes! We have built the pond in time for the peak dragonfly season and can’t wait to see more. Mind you, I had work to do this morning and the numerous swift flypasts and pond action proved to be a major distraction!

Swift Diary

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday evening was so quiet. But from about 6.30am the swift action came thick and fast. Some slow prospecting by a…

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