More Bird Photos…

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I have a few more recent photos I took that I wanted to share with you all…

If you want to try to guess what the birds are, remember not to scroll through the photo to the bottom until after you make your guess.

This first one is often seen water, the great fish hunter, plunging feet first to catch fish with its talons…


It’s an Osprey. This one is actually a juvenile, you can tell by the fluffy feathers. It was hopping around from small tree to small tree at the edge of a swamp squawking to be fed.

Okay, for this next one, I’m going to try to trick you… this one is a juvenile, 1st year, it looks very similar to the female of the species, but it’s a bit grayer. What do you think it is. Hint: the male of this species is very colorful…



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