Keep Your Eye to The Sky When Birding, But Watch Where You Walk…

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I found this Osprey flying over a tidal pond near the ocean. Often they fly over the water, then hover and plunge feet first catching fish with their talons.

They will then carry the fish with its head facing forward when it flies away. 


This next photo is of small tern that you often see hovering over water, then plunges into the water for small fish. Do you know which tern it is?


It’s the Least Tern. This is the smallest tern in the US. They are still endangered, because they nest on the beaches and these nests often get disrupted by humans. On many beaches they rope off large areas for these birds to build their nests without interruption. 

The next photo I’m showing you all just for fun… Let’s just say I saw lots of these in the ponds where I was birding in South Carolina… not my…

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