Spring is Over


So in northern Ohio, we had been expecting a last, final wave of spring migrants, again based upon data from the Black Swamp Bird Observatory (BSBO) website. It seems that it came, and went just as quickly.

Numerous reports abounded yesterday of a great number of birds along the shores of Lake Erie. From Wendy Park in Cleveland, to Erie Street Cemetery, to Headlands Dunes State Park, there were reports of large numbers of migrants, both on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday even saw the discovery of a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Wendy Park. My birding friend, Joan Scharf, reported a good number of passerines at Headlands Dunes yesterday, and today is dad dead. Everything has moved along, having stopped to stoke up for two days. I had a decent morning – for me – at Headlands, with Great Crested Flycatcher, Eastern Kingbird, several Least Flycatcher, Scarlet Tanager, Blackpoll Warbler, Chestnut-sided Warbler…

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